Seven hundred Latgalian words. A dictionary based on Stefania Ulanowska’s collection of fairytales from 1895. With morphological and lexicological analyses by Nicole Nau

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Wydanie I,
Poznań 2024
Format 17x24 cm
ISBN 978-83-68006-27-8
DOI: 10.48226/978-83-68006-27-8
ss. 256

język: angielski, łotewski, łatgalski, polski

The Latgalian folktales that were collected and published by Polish ethnographer Stefania Ulanowska at the end of the nineteenth century are a unique document of oral verbal art and reflect the authentic language usage of bygone times. This book presents a study of the writing system, the morphology, and the vocabulary of the Latgalian variety used in these texts, followed by a dictionary of seven hundred selected words with examples and translation equivalents in modern Standard Latvian, English, and Polish. It will be of special interest to scholars of Baltic languages or Baltic-Slavic language contacts, and also to scholars of historical linguistics and language typology. In addition, it aims to serve as a source for the study and the further development of Latgalian.

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