Szymon Machowski, Grammatical properties of specialist terminology in the contemporary medical and medicine-related language

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Wydanie I,
Poznań 2020
Format 21x14,5 cm
ISBN 978-83-66666-08-5
DOI 10.48226/dwnuam.978-83-66666-08-5_2020.5
ss. 98

język: angielski

Seria: Dystertacje Wydziału Neofilologii UAM (Seria Nowa), z. 5 (2020)

The content of this monograph corresponds to numerous research findings of other linguists, with special regard to the research on languages for special purposes the language of logistics and medical language translation and metaphors in medical phrases. In both cases, the analyzed specialist terminology items happen to occur not only in various documents from the same domain, e.g. logistic and medical reports but also in numerous acts of law which are currently in force. This encouraged the authors to provide a two-fold linguistic approach to investigating logistic and medical terminology in valid Polish acts of law. On the one hand, the terms are regularly analyzed from the typological approach, which means they are described in terms of the semasiological properties of language units they represent, e.g. determinational chains concordial and rectional syntagms compound and simple words. On the other hand, the authors investigated how the terms are correlated with the type of legal documents.
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