Marcus Galdia, Legal Constructs. Reflections on Legal-Linguistic Methodology

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Wydanie I,
Poznań 2021
Format 16,5x23 cm
ISBN 978-83-66666-37-5
DOI 10.48226/978-83-66666-37-5
ss. 210

język: angielski

Dissertationes legilinguisticae 12
Legilinguistic studies 12
Studies in Legal Language and Communication

Legal linguistics is still a paradigmatically largely undetermined area of knowledge. What is more, legal-linguistic subject matters and methodological approaches adopted in the research are considerably underexplored. Therefore, legal linguistics is scrutinized in this book from the perspective of its method. The author recommends adapting the legal-linguistic method to the fundamental characteristic features of law that follow from the finding that law is a discursive practice. The book shows how to build up legal linguistics upon legal discursiveness and how to integrate legal discourse into a broader conception of legal linguistics. It proposes a two-prong approach in that it proceeds with the material investigation of legal constructs such as ‘statute of limitations’ with the aim to clarify the legal-linguistic method. The scrutiny of legal constructs paves the way toward the understanding of the legal discourse. Methodically, the description of the legal discourse is also the final word in legal linguistics as this discipline is defined by the tasks of identification and characterization of

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